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You want to make more money but you don’t want to leave your current job. For this reason, I am sharing with you in this post the way to how to become our reseller. If you are not sure why you should become our reseller, then read on.

What are the benefits of becoming our Reseller?

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is money! It’s natural that resellers pay for each account they create in our Panel so it’s also natural that they sell it to their customers. The money they get for the accounts depends on how well a marketer he/she is. For example, creating a 1-month account in Panel costs the Reseller 10 USD, but he can sell it to his customer for 20 or 30 USD. So resellers should have that in mind!

What are the benefits of becoming our Reseller?

The way it works is, you buy a certain amount of credits, monthly subscriptions from us basically. Then will also set up a portal from which you can then manage your credits, create accounts and disconnect account as you please. you will else be allow to give out 30 free trials per 24 hours which can be used as a selling tool.

How much can you actually make?

Becoming our reseller is a life changing experience. Eventually, you can quit your job and just work from home. I want you to fully understand the concept of this business and how the profit works. Right off the bat I’m going to tell you that the profit per subscription is small. A minimum profit of $8 USD per subscription depending on the price you want to see but I want you to look at the bigger picture. The bigger picture is that you’re going to make that monthly. Its not a just 1 time commission. Its something that you can build upon and grow. Just like the snow ball effect..... once you have 1000 clients you will be making a minimum of MORE THAN $10,000/month.. but nothing is easy. It will take you probably about 6 months to get to 1000 clients. I will sell you the subscription at $8 each and you sell them at $20 , $25 or $30 that will be totally up to you.

So, now you feel excited and ready to become our reseller but don’t know how?

Just email us at and ask how to become a reseller.