IPTV will kill Cable Companies

Popularity of internet TV set to explode

IPTV services are out to squash and kill cable companies, according to amenities comparison site uSwitch.com .

Nitro TV Service is the biggest and most reliable IPTV service to launch so far world wide

“The benefits to consumers are clear. IPTV offers exceptional viewing choice and great value for money,” said Steve Weller, head of communications services at uSwitch. Over broadband, customers can choose from a host of on-demand content.  “There are clear cost savings to be made over the traditional high street video stores and we wouldn’t be surprised if these cease to exist by the end of next year,” continued Weller. .

uSwitch believes that as demand for IPTV picks up, providers will ‘clash’ with each other, all trying to make the most money possible from the new broadcast platform.

Make the most of it

It’s a view shared by industry analyst Deloitte . It believes that if telecommunication companies don’t act now to exploit the demand for IPTV, they risk bearing the brunt of carrying increased data rates without reaping the financial benefits.

It says by co-developing interactive services and taking advantage of advertising, telecommunication companies can help drive IPTV’s popularity and their revenue.

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