WebViewOnlineChannels FAQ

1- What Platforms does WebViewOnlineChannels work on?
Answer: WebViewOnlineChannels works on just about every platform. Kodi, VLC, Android Devices, not roku. SmartTV, IOS, OSX, Apple TV4, Windows via web browser, MAG, Avov.

2- Can I use WebViewOnlineChannels anywhere?
Answer: WebViewOnlineChannels works anywhere around the world that there is wifi provided that your bandwidth is at least 25mb dl.

3- Can I use WebViewOnlineChannels on more than one device?
​Answer: yes... are starting plan allows 2 devices but we have more plans that allows more devices.

4- If I subscribe to the whole home unlimited can I also have one box at a relatives?
Answer: NO, this plan covers your hole home only and is locked to your home ip. It will not work anywhere else outside your home.